Monday, January 18, 2010

The Not-So-Usual Conversation

If one grows really quiet all of a sudden, is it something worth mentioning? When one wants to be heard, but doesn't really want to follow the general routine of conversing from the heart-to-the-lips path.. Is it actually so queer to have such a feeling or is it universal? A vacant heart & nothing much to tell, I'm writing this post simply to kill time.


  1. What's with you? All fine?

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  2. It is a Universal feeling deer! Everyone have such feelings within them, but you have mentioned them so nicely here! Maybe its not heart-to-the-lips path, but following heart-to-the-artistic path is commendable! That's why we have lots of art around us, which speaks to us, not using words, but using one of the most beautiful expression this world has! :)

  3. Thanks for such lovely words! :)


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