Friday, January 29, 2010

The Crooked ones, the Freaky ones..

Yesterday I watched two movies back-to-back. I do that a lot of times. It just takes me to a different world somehow..

Well, the ones that I watched yesterday were "The Wedding Singer" and "No Reservations". Both were quite similar in many ways. In the end, both the movies made me feel that there is a surity that one can find a perfectly suitable person for him/her. No matter how crooked, wierd, freaky or intolerable you are, there is someone out there who will perfectly fit into your personality voids and fill the emptiness that you carry around when they are not around!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My First Award! Thanks!

Thanks DT! I'm so Happy to get my first blogger Award..
Now Here is a list of 7 Things about me:
1. I'm in Love with Gol-Gappas (or Pani puri)- An Indian Spicy Snack.
2. I'm Geographically handicapped. I really cannot remember roads & directions until I've been there atleast 10 times!
3. I love buying small, inexpensive things. They make me feel so happy.
4. I detest my Hair-type. Please God, don't give that to anyone.
5. I feel suffocated when people talk about too intelligent stuff.
6. I need a dose of music atleast for 1 hour per day.
7. I believe in the saying "Love makes the world go round!"

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Not-So-Usual Conversation

If one grows really quiet all of a sudden, is it something worth mentioning? When one wants to be heard, but doesn't really want to follow the general routine of conversing from the heart-to-the-lips path.. Is it actually so queer to have such a feeling or is it universal? A vacant heart & nothing much to tell, I'm writing this post simply to kill time.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Angels Upon My Earth: Part IV

A new day with a new feeling!! The sun is bright & up, as I like it to be! And today is the day when I write my final & ultimate post for the "Angels Upon MyEarth" series.
It has to be my Gang of Girls for sure! They've stuck to me since I was a young bud, flowering & finally to my full bloom. Nothing is rosey & a cake-walk. There have been rough & tough times. But, as of now all I can say is that thanks a lot for all your stupid as well as heart-warming memories!! This one's for all of you!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Angels Upon My Earth: Part III

Blogging time again!! I wish I could spare more time for it.. Alas!
Well, my next one in the most beautiful & indispensable people's list is none other than my very own only sibling: My Sis!!! She has always been with me since the time I took my first breath & I want her to be there till I take my last. A highly patient girl (that is very important if you are with someone like me!) with extraordinary skills, she is not only my elder sibling but also my inspiration. A very interesting thing about the both of us is that we are completely opposite, our faces don't resemble (she's prettier) & we like different things!! But, still we make a perfect team together & the one thing I just love about her is that the way she simply is... Love you janemann!!! This one's for you!! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Brand New Year on the cards!

It's a Brand New Year lying ahead of us & I wish all around me a very very very Happy New Year!!
When I look back, the year 2009 was quite a memorable one for me. A chronological list of all the things that made this year memorable were:
  • A serious sickness in the beginning of the year
  • Last semester of college
  • Winning a pageant title (which I had NEVER EVER dreamt of)
  • Passing out of college
  • Making my dream of gifting 23 gifts to my Sis on her 23rd Birthday come true
  • Landing up with a job (somehow)
  • Starting to live in another city & away from from Home
  • Getting my First salary
  • Starting my own Blog
  • Putting up my recent most poems on the blog for the Entire World to read
  • Having managed to catch up with my Gang Of Girls on the Last day of 2009 as well as the First Day of 2010 !!
Quite a lot of things as I begin to jot down. Isn't it? I hope the next year is as exciting & inviting as the one that went by for all of us!
Also, people have a habbit of making a new year resolution but I honestly do not believe in it. If things are on your mind & you seriously aim for them, then you really do not need an entire new Year to resolve for them.
So cheers to the year that went by & the same for the one to come!!