Sunday, January 10, 2010

Angels Upon My Earth: Part III

Blogging time again!! I wish I could spare more time for it.. Alas!
Well, my next one in the most beautiful & indispensable people's list is none other than my very own only sibling: My Sis!!! She has always been with me since the time I took my first breath & I want her to be there till I take my last. A highly patient girl (that is very important if you are with someone like me!) with extraordinary skills, she is not only my elder sibling but also my inspiration. A very interesting thing about the both of us is that we are completely opposite, our faces don't resemble (she's prettier) & we like different things!! But, still we make a perfect team together & the one thing I just love about her is that the way she simply is... Love you janemann!!! This one's for you!! :)

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