Friday, January 1, 2010

A Brand New Year on the cards!

It's a Brand New Year lying ahead of us & I wish all around me a very very very Happy New Year!!
When I look back, the year 2009 was quite a memorable one for me. A chronological list of all the things that made this year memorable were:
  • A serious sickness in the beginning of the year
  • Last semester of college
  • Winning a pageant title (which I had NEVER EVER dreamt of)
  • Passing out of college
  • Making my dream of gifting 23 gifts to my Sis on her 23rd Birthday come true
  • Landing up with a job (somehow)
  • Starting to live in another city & away from from Home
  • Getting my First salary
  • Starting my own Blog
  • Putting up my recent most poems on the blog for the Entire World to read
  • Having managed to catch up with my Gang Of Girls on the Last day of 2009 as well as the First Day of 2010 !!
Quite a lot of things as I begin to jot down. Isn't it? I hope the next year is as exciting & inviting as the one that went by for all of us!
Also, people have a habbit of making a new year resolution but I honestly do not believe in it. If things are on your mind & you seriously aim for them, then you really do not need an entire new Year to resolve for them.
So cheers to the year that went by & the same for the one to come!!


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