Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let's celebrate the transitions...

On this Rakhi, all I could think about writing is- Celebrations! Not the chocolates that are gifted by brothers to their doting sisters but celebrations- that are a part of life. They are highly required in order to revive the emotions & feelings we hold for our loved ones. Even our elders believed so & thus they have now become traditions which must be carried forward. But as we've grown & seen transitions of all sorts, we've also seen a transition in celebrations that are around us. There has been a massive
increase in many festivities. Valentine's day, Friendship's day, Mother's day, Fathers day, etc etc.. These are just a few examples of what our elders had never even heard about that we actually celebrate today. And even a few people protest against the same these days calling it "westernisation". All I can say about it is that why crib about adding another celebration to our
general routine? And as the festival of Rakhi is about dedicating a day to the relationship of brothers & sisters, just the same way, Friendship day is about dedicating a day to the relationship of best buddies or Father's day is dedicated to how wonderful you find your Father. The idea is not about
blindly following the west but understanding the feelings behind it. We can keep a balance between our old traditions as well as celebrating the new found festivities. That ain't that tough... Is it? I don't think so. Let me know.


  1. right!!!
    i agree...
    more is the celebration, the better is life..

  2. wah!! :) dil garden garden ho gya... well written
    sahi baat hai.. we r not copying western tradition.. it's just we njoy our lifes more in this way...


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