Friday, July 31, 2009

The beginnings are easy... I guess!!!

Well well... Its my first blog ever & I'm as excited as nervous... But as they say its easy to start but difficult to end anything. So, I'll be optimistic about it! :)
And that's the way I generally am.. Optimistic. I think putting one's energy into wasteful or negative thoughts simply makes one very vulnerable & naive to sway of from one's focus. So for all those people who really don't have anything positive right now to think about, I just have an old saying: "Everything happens for a reason." Plus something added from my very own side: "That reason will appear in front of you one fine day by itself & you'll be as relaxed & calm as ever, facing it with a big brave heart & thanking your God for making that happen." Its not just some bookish stuff that has been typed out of nowhere. Real experiences makes me write anything. That was easy for me to write! So I guess beginnings are quite easy.. Isn't it? Let me know.. :)


  1. ya!! u r absolutely right..
    it's almost in every case with me... i find everything easy to start but it's difficult to maintain & work on it regularly...
    So, best of luck n keep blogging :)

  2. all the best for bloggin regular....


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