Monday, August 17, 2009

The way to go...

One of the many things I appreciate the most are honesty, creativity & passion. And I got to see all of these summed up in a simple act put up by a bunch of youngsters in a reality TV show called "India's got talent". The group called "Illuminati" presented a very special act which really cannot be explained in words & to top it all, they also ended up getting the "Pride of India" award which was worth 10 lakh rupees! i was jumping with joy for them!! And as I was watching the entire act, what really struck me was that the ultimate display of innovation really makes one wonder how intelligently & creatively the youth CAN put their energies into matter. There will always be many ways that the youth of a country can follow. What decides the future of that country depends on the choice of the youth. I really hope that many young budding minds keep the "Illuminati" & many such talented bunch of youngsters as their idol rather than straying off for disastrous futures. Belief in one's ceativity really takes my breath away! Keep rocking & keep imagining!!


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