Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shopping Therapy!!

The new season is here... Almost winters. And I need some real Shopping therapy. I really do not know what is it with women & shopping, but all i know is it works as a therapy for me at least! It might be the tiniest of jewelery piece or the heaviest cardigan of the shop, buying new things & having full fledged possession of them makes me REALLY excited!! Just brought some really nice neck pieces yesterday, and I want more of them!! Happy Shopping to all of you!


  1. non-tech finally!!!
    well, i am in need of shopping therapy since last year, recession has spoiled everything! poor me :(

  2. i'm in need of shopping therapy too! it has recently turned really really warm here in melb n thats good excuse to get more summer tops & shorts isnt it ;) do show pics of ur neck pieces! i'm sure they look fab on u!

  3. oh yaar....mujhe shopping karni tab achi lagti hai when i have cash......these dayz....i am crook.....
    es leye shopping ki baat mat karo....

  4. i agree with roohi ..... :(
    n thank me venus, I got you a follower :)

  5. @ daman & roohi.. yeah i know. I can only shop when my sis is wid me (my sponser). thanks a lot daman!!
    @ mica- well yeah.. shopping is really a therapy for ALL girls! i'll put up the pics in a few days.. :)

  6. ohh.. thank me again!
    1 more :)

  7. thank you damie! & thank you Maha for the add...

  8. all d gals on dis earth always need shopping therapy... n it really works.. :)

    but wait, @ DT
    finally non tech??? I never find anything techi in dis blog.. is se pehle she had written about music, her poem "one letter pride". what's techi in dat?

  9. poems r tech to me... go over my head!!!
    tech here is a metaphor :p lol


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