Friday, November 13, 2009

If I write forever..

I really have a fear in my mind. It's been bothering me. I write since I was 10 I guess. Written dozens of poems, stories, articles. My babies! :) All about the heart, the emotions. Haven't shared with more than 5 people in total (as I mentioned before). I really don't know how & why I have posted my last two poems on my Blog!! They are my most priced possessions ever..
Say I write forever, till my last breath. Who will take care of them? They might be a mere piece of paper for everyone, but my pen keeps me going. It's like when I compose a few words, I re-connect with my inner self. Some people find it a burden to pen down what they feel. But all I can say is that my pen makes me a stronger person every time I use it!


  1. arey motto :) worry not.. mujhe de dena, main rakh lunga wo bhi smabhal k

  2. i can't agree with you, you really have to show your writings to people without any kinda fear. Say they tell you they're not as good as you thought, it'll not be a big deal, if you really love writing. You'll work hard to improve them. And who said they are not good any way? maybe they are amazing and wonderful. You gotta go there and give it a shot!

  3. don't fear.. there'll be one person for whom your writing will be much more than a mere piece of paper!!! just have faith, and one day you'll see how valuable your words would be to someone!

  4. "main hu naaa........."
    mein sabko kahu gi k yeh meine likhe hai.....
    kissi ko patta nahi chalega..........

  5. writing makes me feel so much lighter,


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