Friday, November 6, 2009

One Letter Pride!

When the dusk of your journey comes,
And your wisdom makes you know a lot of things,
No money will go along, you know,
No best friends will accompany you to the skies,
A treasure held in a paper,
In which someone confessed you his curiosities,
Curiosity to know you a bit more,
Curiosity to share his feelings a bit more,
When curiosities are turned to simplifications,
When confessions are replied with equal gratifications,
This piece of paper held under you death pillow,
Makes your journey's dusk so very bright,
Because you know THIS will go with you to the skies,
And this treasure will become your ONE LETTER PRIDE!


  1. damn nice words... yaar kaunsa chakki ka ata khaate ho... :) itna dimag kaise chalta hain.. mujhse to hota nai :(

  2. hmmm....yeh padh kar meine faisla kar liya hai k...tujhe jald se jald letter likhe gi.....

  3. but mast likha hai.....really great work done........


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