Friday, March 12, 2010

Those special things, Those secial places..

Oh! It feels like ages since I wrote. And I feel so disconnected with myself! Probably because the last few days have been more of a hush-rush. I'm moving from one city to another.. For a new job.. New people.. New Everything!
It's really not that easy. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Yesterday was my last day at the place where I had been spending the last so many months. The monotonous routine was not seeming so monotonous. I was just seeping in the last look of everything.The worst part was that there was actually no one to see me off. My sister who works right there had an important meeting, so she left soon. My best friend, who also happens to work in the next floor couldnot make it in time & I had to leave. Another of my friend who had come all the way down to meet & see me off, came but left before meeting me due to some emergency call (& also because I got really late while leaving! Ok sorry!!)
And there I was.. Walking alone. Again. I liked it and hated it at the same time.
The city has been so good me. And today morning as I was leaving for my home-town, it just was kind of halting me. As if it didn't really want me to leave!
I believe a bit in "signs".. Somehow. And all the signs I got today were like - all traffic signals suddenly turning Red, the longest railways crossing the road leading to major traffic jams (adding upto 15 more minutes), in actuality no buses being available for my home-town for like an entire half an hour & finally the major road block which acted as the Icing on the cake!
But I didn't really get impatient about it. The "signs" you know.. I left with a happy heart.
There are a few places that make things special for you.
But this is the place which has offered me special things! Thank you Chandigarh..

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