Monday, March 1, 2010

The insides of it!

Someone asked me for a pen in my office & as I went through the crevices of my handbag, I realized how much we women carry all over the place. A few things in there are completely futile, but still they are just always there. I saw and infact felt like a million things floating in there. Sometimes reaching to the surface, just about to reach to the shore of a deep deep sea, and others just lazily lying as they were because they've lost all hope of being rescued, ever. Its funny and okay at the same time.
You know, I could clean up my handbag any day, shedding off a few miligrams off my shoulder just like that. But, I just can't. I feel what if I need this, or that, or may be the one in there? Infact, not even that at times. That's the way it has become for me! It's there & it'll always be there!
Of course, we women take pride in carrying all the things in the world in our "little" sea called our Handbag!
Isn't it?


  1. dats y its difficult for evn us to find stuff in our sea :)lolz...

  2. haha so true- mine is like a black hole!

  3. Yup. I keep the most random and pointless crap with me but if I don't have it, I'm afraid I'll need it.

    Once I left for a quick ride to town with my mum. I didn't bring my bag because I didn't think we'd be long.

    I totally snagged a nail on something and it was so close to ripping the under flesh. I needed my clippers and nail file pronto! But they were at home.

    Never. Again.

  4. Yeah.. exactly! Its somehow really universal to feel so for every girl..!! I love my handbag the way it is!

  5. he he thats true , its really a black hole :P


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