Friday, February 5, 2010

The Unexpected!

One fine day, I was just sitting with my dad. In the sun, having fruits. And during the conversation, I told him that I really want to visit some place in South India. We have had many family vacations since my childhood but all of them were to the North Side of the counrty. So I was always really eager to see the contemporary.

He asked me,"OK, which place in specific do you want to go to?"
And I said,"Kerala!"
He just smiled & said,"Really?"
I replied,"YES!"

According to me, the conversation just ended there & then and I got caught up in my very monotonous general routine.

After a gap of few months, what I am getting from my dad is a bunch of air tickets to the place I had dreamt of going to. I had never ever thought I would be able to see the state so soon! Thank you dad for such a beautiful surprise! We would be leaving soon for the vacation, all thanks to that little conversation we had under the Sun!


  1. so sweet!! have an amazing time ;)

  2. That sounds delightful! Have a fabulous time. I've never been to India, but can only imagine what it would be like to sit there in the sun having fruits and dreaming of Kerala!

  3. WOW, that is so cute and sweet. I hope you have an AMAZING time!

  4. I had a blast for sure!
    @ Tee- U must visit India some time... It has innumerable facets, cultures & people. Even we are exploring it as yet!

  5. @ Iva & Miss Caitlin S. - Thanks sweeties!! The place is awesome!


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