Friday, October 9, 2009

The Show itself!

Having watched P.S. I Love you (which has a lot of mention in my previous posts) was a nice experience itself. One relates to all the things mentioned in those 500 sheets binded in a beautiful cover & sees the entire story from someone else's eyes. As I'm a deep 'imaginer', I imagine the entire novel along with the minutest details in my head at the time of reading it, so when a movie or any such picturization of an already read novel is viewed, I (unintentionally) tend to compare it to my own imagimation. Rarely does it match. But when someone picturizes a novel, they hold their individual imagination also & no two people imagine exactly alike. But imagining is a great way to let your mind feel free & also lets you think out of the box!
So keep imaginig & keep the freedom inside you alive!


  1. aha!! so hw was ur imagination differnt from the imagination of the director of P.S. I love u... :)
    n what's this P.S. ?????

  2. P.S. means Post Scriptum. It is a note which can be written at the end of any letter..


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